HONG KONG Ship Machinery & Equipment Seminar



Nabtesco after sales service solution

At presentation, we Nabtesco would like to introduce our marine solutions as below.
・Company profile
・Marine product( Main engine remote control system, FIVA Valve, GOV, PMS etc. )
・After sales service( Preventive maintenance program/ FIVA overhaul & condition check service / Training / Engineering )
・Future plan( IoT & Remote condition check etc. )
We are very keen to support our customers with they need, through various marine products & service.
Please see our presentation and visit our booth.

Company introduction

We, Marine Control Systems Company in Nabtesco Corporation, support safe, secure and comfortable voyage with unique motion control technology.
We have more than 50 years history in the marine industry and deliver excellent and reliable bridge maneuvering system as leading company with 40% of share in global market.
We also provide a range of product, including the hydraulic/pneumatic products and other key components certified by all major class and suitable to electrical controlled 2st and 4st main engine.
We have a global service network of service engineers with excellent technical skills to support operation of vessels 24-hours,365-day and bring more safety.


Nabtesco Corporation / Service department

  • +81-78-967-1404( 24H SERVICE )
  • +81-78-967-1404( 24H SERVICE )