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Kawasaki Propulsion Machinery and Green Gas engine

Kawasaki began the manufacture of controllable pitch propellers in 1956 through a licensing agreement with Escher Wyss & Co.( Switzerland ). Since then, these controllable pitch propellers have been widely adopted for many kinds of vessels. Today, Kawasaki is one of the world’s leading manufacturers with sophisticated technology and rich experience in this field. Since 1965, when Kawasaki started manufacturing side thrusters, they have been adopted as a motive force and well received for use in just about every kind of vessel, from cargo carriers and ferries to offshore ships. Kawasaki side thrusters, developed by applying extensive world-class performance, contribute to the global shipping and marine industry. Since 1983 Kawasaki has been a leading supplier of azimuth thrusters, providing its Rexpeller for a wide array of vessels, from tugboats to cable layers, and other workboats as well as offshore vessels like drillships, supply boats and more.

Kawasaki developed marine pure gas engine, Kawasaki Green Gas Engine, model L30KG series by original standout technology. It can effectively reduce the amount of NOx to comply with IMO( International Maritime Organization )TierIII regulation to go into effect in 2016, and minimizes CO2 by lean-burn technology.

Company introduction

Together with about 100 group companies in Japan and overseas, Kawasaki Heavy Industries oversees the formation of a "technology corporate group." Our technological capabilities, polished over a history that exceeds a century, send diverse products forth into wide-ranging fields that go beyond land, sea, and air, extending from the ocean depths to space. Our aerospace division is active in products ranging from aircraft to satellites. The products that our rolling stock division delivers to the world include Shinkansen and New York subway cars, while our ship and offshore structure division's products range from gas carriers and large tankers to submarines, and our energy solutions division covers the spectrum from development and manufacture of energy equipment to management systems. We are also active in wide-ranging businesses driven by diverse and high-level engineering technologies, including environmental and recycling plants, industrial plants, precision machinery, industrial robots, and infrastructure equipment. Finally, we operate our leisure and power products business that features the motorcycles known as the Kawasaki brand.


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