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New Turbochargers MET-MBII / MET-ER

MET-MBII Series, a new type of axial turbocharger for achieving a further increase in air flow volume while maintaining the reliability and ease of maintenance of the MET-MB turbocharger.
The MBII turbocharger provides 16% larger air flow volume than the MET-MB Series, which leads one or two models more compact compared to previous models.
MET-ER Series, a new type of radial turbocharger succeed the high reliability and maintainability of MET-SRC series. This new turbocharger has improved it’s responsiveness and reduces the number of parts to achieve a more compact design and high maintainability.
MET-ER Series has been developed based on high pressure ratio requirements for turbochargers, in order to improve the performance of and reduce the NOx emissions of engines.

Company introduction

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. is the leading provider of advanced marine machinery around the world.
Our expertise is based on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.( MHI )’s reputation as a trusted shipbuilder.
MHI offers a varied product line up made possible through proprietary design, cutting-edge technology and the fusion of the trust and track record nurtured over more than 135 years.
The marine products offered by MHI-MME are characterized by the reliability, high performance and superior maintainability that only MHI and its long history can provide.
They bring together MHI's advanced technology to turbochargers, boilers, turbines and Steering Gears.
These products are manufactured at Nagasaki, the cradle of Japanese marine machineries and are being actively used worldwide.


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