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Smart sounding scale “Honesty” was developed with NYK and MTI to realize portable sounding with an ultrasonic sensor.
As of January 1st. 2020, the IMO will put into effect new regulations on sulfur oxide in maritime exhaust gas, in which the limit on sulfur oxide content in fuel oil that is mainly for maritime use will be changed from 3.5% to 0.5%. In complying with the new regulations, there will be an increasing number of cases in which high transparency and low viscosity compatible fuels such as MGO are supplemented.
So ship crews will not be able to measure the tank level easily. “Honesty” can solve this problem.
Ship crews can measure the tank level about 4 times faster than existing sounding scale.
It can also measure accurately under the cappuccino effects.

Company introduction

SEMCO LTD. is a tank level gauge engineering and consulting company.
We create Tank Level Gauge and Monitoring System with our customers. We have been manufacturing Tank Level Gauge since 1985.
SEMCO Tank level gauge is adopted for almost all Japanese shipyards. Especially our float type level gauge has been standard for Engine room tanks in Japan. Today, we propose a wide range of level gauges and monitoring systems to meet customer’s needs for not only engine room tanks but also ballast tanks etc..
SEMCO's mission is to work with customers to solve problems and create new ones.
SEMCO will continue to propose suitable tank level gauges and monitoring systems for various tank applications in the field of new shipbuilding and existing vessels from now on.


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