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NIPPON PAINT MARINE, the Master of Paint Technology

Innovations in marine paint industry by Nippon Paint Marine

• Next generation on A/F technology - AQUATERRAS
The world's first bioside-free SPC coating, not using even silicone
• Low Friciton & Low Consumption for Energy-saving & Reduction of GHG emission - LF-Sea & A-LF-Sea
A biomimetic (ultra) low friction antifouling with our patented water trapping function to lower the hydrodynamic footprint of the hull
• Self Indicating (SI) Paint technology - NOA
Our patented unique technology providing users with the ability to judge the correct thickness of the paint for the first time

Company introduction

In accordance with the company’s management philosophy, the leading brand bringing colors & joy to everyday life through innovative coating solutions, Nippon Paint Holdings Group has been engaging in coating industry in its 138 years history.
We Nippon Paint Marine has enjoyed marine coating business with three key words of “Global”, “Ecology” and “Technology”.
Since introducing anti-fouling paint for the first time in Japan, we are involved in marine and shipbuilding business and committed to supply and provide epoch-making paints products, which constantly have our globally innovative technique and superior performance.


NIPPON PAINT MARINE (TURKEY) / Capt. Baybora Yildirim

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