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Isoda Metal Co., Ltd.

Company introduction of Isodametal

Advantages and applications of our products
A plain bearing is used to lubricate the rotating shaft in an engine and must be manufactured with high accuracy. A high-quality bearing minimizes damage inside the engine and reduces the risk of serious accidents. We provide bearings intended mainly for diesel engines for ships, power generators, etc., compressors, speed reducers, machine tools, and other devices.

Thin-walled plain bearings
A thin metal workpiece will easily deform if processed directly and hence is always processed with it fitted on a dedicated jig. It can be distorted from the residual stress caused by the heat generated during the casting process. Therefore, it is heat-treated to reduce the effect of residual stress as much as possible. In addition, other techniques, such as deformation correction, are also required to manufacture thin-walled plain bearings.

Company introduction

Isoda Metal Co., Ltd., is a plain bearing specialist manufacturer with a history of more than 110 years since its establishment.
With technical expertise and rich manufacturing know-how accumulated over many years of manufacturing experience, we can manufacture bearings to best suit customer needs.

This is only possible because we are a one-stop manufacturer with all processes under one roof from design through casting, processing, plating, and inspection to marketing.


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