JSMEA Codebook, Standard ID and Data Catalog used in ISO19848


Codebook, Standard ID and Data Catalog used in ISO19848 proposed by JSMEA are published.

Ship IoT Data Naming Framework

  • IoT data (sensor data) is very important & essential work for utilizing data for AI and Big data. However, it requires a lot of effort to define naming scheme, dictionary and standard names.
  • ISO 19848 Annex B & C provide scheme for Standard Codebook and Standard ID.
  • Standard data catalogue, which consists of Standard IDs, can be defined in correspondence with service category.

Standard Codebook and Standard ID ISO19848

Simple explanation of JSMEA Codebook is described in this page.

Standard Data Catalog

Data Catalogue contains the list of Required sensor data, least sampling interval and data kind (inst, average, etc.) for each service category.


This activity of JSMEA is cooperated with the Japan Ship Technology Research Association (JSTRA), which is supported by the Nippon Foundation.

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Standard ID

Data Catalog

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