PHILIPPINES Ship Machinery & Equipment Seminar



Advanced Course Control for Ecology and Smart Date Storage

I. ACE (Advanced Control for Ecology), a new Course Control function that automatically creates a route on the heading between the ship's current position and destination, calculates outside disturbances (tides), and implements the best rudder control making it possible for the vessel to sail the most efficient route.

II. Digital Course Recorder, eliminating the need for conventional recording paper, allowing hand written input, recording of detailed voyage information, easy information management and storage, easy to retrofit.

Company introduction

TOKYO KEIKI was founded in 1896 in Tokyo, Japan and has developed a total navigation equipment package which includes Gyrocompass, Autopilot, ECDIS and Marine Radar by providing a cutting edge technology to ships’ safety and efficient navigational concept.
TOKYO KEIKI can offer a seamless connection to and beyond each equipment.
TOKYO KEIKI is proud of our one-stop service which supports equipment from consultation, selection, and all throughout it’s after servicing life.


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