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We offer a wide range of trainings and educations for our supplied systems, our training facilities have real equipment which are used and applied onboard, with such simulators for the conventional 2-Stroke Diesel Engines for Pneumatic Maneuvering Control to electric Remote Control and Governor systems, as well as to the recent Electronic Controlled Cam Less Engines which are available in our key offices mainly at Singapore, Japan, China, Korea, Netherlands and recently in the Philippines.
Professional training instructors sharing their skills and experience in handling, operation, maintenance and basic troubleshooting of such specialized and complex system aligned with the students’ interest of learning.
Forecasting the ever-growing demands on ship staffing specially at South East Asian region.
We are keeping our focus as well as expanding our support for customers in their effort on upgrading and improving Ships crews’ technical skills by providing them with a world standard education and facilities prepared with maker’s standard quality and specialized in Main Engine Remote Control System.
Updating their technical knowledge and experience in handling such essential machineries will enable them to improve and build their confidence in the real world of handling their tasks and responsibilities onboard ships.

Company introduction

Nabtesco’s Marine Control Systems Company started our line in the production of Pneumatic Maneuvering System (PMS) since 1968.
Currently we have around 50% share on the Japanese market and a 40% share of the global market in remote control System for 2-Stroke Marine Diesel Engines.
And with more than 50years of experience, we are committed to maintain our high-quality standards for our Marine Control System products along with our professional team of service in the field around the globe, hence we are able to provide Quality Education along with our real equipment training facilities similar of what ship crew's actual experience on board. Nowadays Technological advances are all around us and that includes in the Marine Control systems which continuously evolve and thus we are keen to cater such need to update and upgrade onboard specialized staff skills.


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