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A specialist of Ship machinery maker, MIURA, launched Ballast water management system.

1) Filter + UV system
2) No need to clean filter by Crew. Filter will be cleaned by high pressure jet water automatically.
3) Easy operation and maintenance. Active substance, chemicals are not used.
4) Full support for Retrofit by MIURA’s engineers.
5) After service can be provided all over the world.

Company introduction

As Japanese leading boiler manufacture, MIURA will continue to pursue our mission:
“Helping customers all over the world in energy conservation and environmental preservation”
• Since 1959
• 5,500 employees

MIURA provides environmentally friendly products that enable you to live each day more safely and enriched.
Boiler / Ship machinery / Food equipment / Water treatment equipment / Medical equipment
Steam driven compressor / Fuel cell battery / Chemical analysis machinery


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