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IHI Power Systems Co., Ltd.

Total optimization with propeller & Energy Saving Devices

We offer engines with a wide range of output from 441 kW to 77,400 kW.
NIIGATA 6M34RT, is the high performance, environmentally-friendly, and provide widely for next generation clean energy vessels.
It has been inquired increasingly through Asian and European customers.

Company introduction

Niigata Power Systems Co., Ltd. was renamed as IHI Power Systems in July, 2019 by merging with Diesel United, Ltd. and IHI Corporation’s Power Systems Business.
As a total marine solutions company, we offer a wide range of products from both 2- and 4- stroke marine engines and azimuth thrusters Z-PELLER® to remote monitoring systems continuously under the NIIGATA and DU brands.
Year 2019 was the 100th year anniversary of NIIGATA diesel engines, and in addition, the 50th year anniversary of NIIGATA Z-PELLER®.
In 1919, we successfully completed the in-house development of Japan’s first marine diesel engine.
The first Z-PELLER® was delivered for a tugboat in 1969, and over 5000 units have been produced nowadays.
NIIGATA is the only brand in the world makes both engines and azimuth thrusters under original design without M&A, so the total propulsion packages have been highly reputed and supported by all customers in the world.


Mr. Kazuhisa Takahashi / Sales Manager / Business Development & Sales Division

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