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BEMAC Corporation


BEMAC is manufacturing and supplying all electric devices related to vessels, such as High and Low Voltage Switchboard, Starter, Cargo Control Console and Panel, Engine Control Console, Automation Systems, Group Panels, and others.
Mainly we can categorize our products into 3, which are BE Data, BE Power, and BE Cargo.
BE Data is Machinery Alarm monitoring and Control System, which is represented by BE-D11.
BE Power is Power Management System.
In the category, we are supplying UGS-21 as a Generator Automatic Control Device.
Be Cargo is Cargo Management System.
We have products for Cement Carriers, Oil Tanker, and LNG Carriers.
They will raise their performances of control and monitoring, adopting BE Data series at the same time.

Company introduction

As a leading manufacturer of electronic devices for ships, BEMAC performs everything from design, manufacturing, and installation, to maintenance of control systems and power distribution systems for electronic equipment in general.
Also, BEMAC is the only company in Japan that can provide electrical hull fittings, electric work, and important electronic devices for power control at once.
Through our abundant experience and achievements, BEMAC provides original equipment and systems for each ship and have been deemed reliable by marine transportation and shipbuilding companies from Japan and abroad.


Mr. Gordon Goh

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