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Taiko Pumps and Marine Machinery Package

Our products range for Marine is belows.

• Most of pumps installed in the Engine Room
• Cargo Pumps package with Cargo control System
• Oily Water Separator
• Sewage Treatment Plant
• Advanced Bilge discharge monitor with GPS
• Pumps for Ballast Water Management System
• Pumps for Scrubber System
• Pumps for LSMGO or LSFO
• Pumps for SCR System
• Digital Cargo Monitoring System

One of our strong point is we can supply above products as package deal for one-stop service.

Company introduction

Advanced Fluid Technology

Our Technology Maximizes our understanding of fluid and our expertise in addressing all characteristics of fluid.
This is the basis of Taiko pumps.
For marine market, we have been supplying our high quality machinery for more than 50years.
Some of our products have been leading the market in Japan and Asian Market.

We have been releasing new products in the market and keeping our growth based on trusted relationship with our customers in the world. Please feel our products quality as recognized in the world market.


Shuran Nishi / Sales Department

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