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Manufacturing and sales of propeller, thruster, high lift flap rudder

CPP - KAMOME Controllable Pitch Propellers were created in 1961, featuring proprietary technology. For nearly half a century we have sustained a commitment to research and technical development so that we can satisfy customer needs. Propellers are installed in ships of a broad range of sizes upto 15,000kW ships and in all the types of ships and maritime development platforms. With cumulative delivery of more than 5,300 units, we have the world’s leading manufacturing records and market share.

FPP - KAMOME Fixed Pitch Propellers were developed when the company was established and are now at the heart of KAMOME’s line of products. We always advance our design and production technologies according to current needs and based on continued analyses and accumulated data and upgrade technologies to satisfy the needs to modernize ships in search of greater economy.

Side Thruster – With a proven track record of performance since first production in 1960, both CPP type and FPP type of thruster droved by an engine, electric motor or hydraulic motor have been continually upgraded to have high performance and high reliability to improve operability and save energy.

K-7 Higher Lift Flap Rudder – K-7 flap rudder with simple strcture produce high lift and strong turning force, excellent stability and easy maintainability

Company introduction

Kamome Propeller is committed to technical development and improvement in production technologies for offering environmentally friendly propulsion systems that support safe sailing.

Kamome Propeller’s guiding corporate principle is to respond to customers’ requests and trust. From our very earliest days, we have remained consistently committed to technological development and improvement in production technologies, in a constant effort to upgrade the performance, functionality, quality and reliability of our products.

To respond to the full range of customer needs, we have also constantly sought to bolster our product lineup. In the future, we will continue to achieve technical innovation to earn the increased confidence of customers with diverse needs in the ship propulsion and control systems market.



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