TURKEY Japan Ship Machinery & Equipment Seminar



Marine signaling innovation
(Ship’s horn and LED navigation light)

From 1922 until today, we are proud of our contribution on maritime safety by audible and visual means.
”IBUKI” is recognized as the leading brand of whistle system over the past few decades.
Nowadays IBUKI sound and lighting system are installed all kinds of ship in every single space of weather deck, machinery space and inboard surroundings.
At this forum, we are delight to share our details with all of attendees from our long years activity, whistle system and our state-of-the-art LED navigation light NLL series.
Herewith 5 major benefits on which is already acclaimed the next standard of navigation light.

• Same body size (233×242×271mm) on single / duplicate lamp
• Clear-cut light angle by built-in screen which will remove the inboard screens related to Corelg, 1972, Annex I 5.Screens for side lights.
• Multi voltage (AC100-230V, DC24V)
• Built-in failure detection
• Wheel mark approved

Demo unit will be displayed on our table at seminar hall.
Any further queries,please feel free to contact us in advance and on the day.

Company introduction

Sound and lighting since 1922.
We are the leading company of ship’s whistle which we call acoustic soul of the ship.
Why it is called the acoustic soul of the ship? Because the ship’s whistle would be the sole apparatus on the onboard equipment which is permitted to generate the loud tone to be recognized by others.Sometimes the tone is in gentle celebrating her departure from the port and welcoming the people newly onboard.
Or it sounds bravely to be identified in oceans even she is sailing in the rough sea.

Besides of acoustic apparatus, we have wide range of lighting equipment.
The past decade is our time period of LED technology.
Especially LED navigation light is one of our leading brands with contributions in the maritime industry.


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