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Fuji Electric Co., Ltd

Marine Exhaust Gas Cleaning System “SaveBlue” (SOx Scrubber)

Fuji Electric’s SOx scrubber for ships is the very first in the world to use cyclone technology.
Within the scrubber, a highly diffused spray of wash water increases contact between exhaust gases and liquid droplets, removing SOx by absorption.

The cyclone method makes a mixing plate (which needs regular maintenance) unnecessary. So it also makes for lower maintenance costs. In addition, our SOx scrubber keeps pressure loss to less than 1kPa and has achieved significant downsizing.
Our scrubber is 50% more compact than other SOx scrubbers on the market: it is lightweight, facilitating installation in ships.
Our SOx scrubber can remove over 98% of Sulphur in exhaust gases. Its operation can be optimized based on engine load, minimizing fuel consumption and impact on operating costs.

Unlike other scrubber suppliers, Fuji Electric designs, develops, manufactures and services all necessary equipment like control cabinet, gas analyzer as well as scrubber tower. Therefore, we take care of all customers with our own global service network which is skillful and reliable on each equipment and total system.

Company introduction

Fuji Electric’s energy and environment business with innovative technology, Fuji Electric develops its business through four business segments. The Company combines IoT and control technologies with components using key devices to contribute to the creation of responsible and sustainable societies in the fields of maritime industries.

The environmental technologies established through long experience on the ground have been transferred into marine industry. The company was established in 1923 and the number of employees as of today is 27,416. The next sales last year was 914.9 billion Japanese Yen equivalent to 8.5 billion US dollars. Over 120 sales and service offices around the world provide high quality services to global customers.


Itsuro Mita / Marine Project Manager, FA / System Engineering Department III

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  • +81-3-5435-7168