26th February 2019

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13:30Opening Speech

Mr. Shinzo Yamada


Japan Ship Machinery and Equipment Association( JSMEA )

13:35-13:50Guest Speech


Dato' Ir. Abdul Hak Md Amin


Malaysia Shipowners’ Association( MASA )


Mr. Mohamed Safwan Othman


Malaysia OSV Owners’ Association( MOSVA )


Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Ahmad Ramli Hj Mohd Nor


Association of Marine Industries of Malaysia( AMIM )

13:50Keynote Speech

“Present Market and Future Prospect of Malaysia Shipping industries.”

Mr. Hazrin Hasan

Vice Chairman

Malaysia Shipowners’ Association( MASA )

14:10-15:251st Session( For Merchant Vessel )


Taiyo Electric Co., Ltd.

Total supplier of electric equipment

( Generator, Motor, Fan, Control equipment )

Taiyo Electric is a Total Supplier of Marine Electric Equipment.
Since our establishment as a manufacture of electric equipment and machinery for marine use in 1917, we have built up a wealth of experience over 100years. We manufacture and sell electric equipment and machinery including generators, various electric motors, ventilation fan, switch board, starter and engine control consoles as well as system product such as thyristor–type shaft generating systems and inverter control system. Additionally we have world-wide after service network, as the responsibility of marine equipment supplier
Taking advantage of our wealth of experience as a total supplier, we provide equipment and system tailored to each vessel environment, therefore earing the trust of the marine transport and shipbuilding industries in japan and around the world.


Tokyo Keiki Inc.

Advanced Course Control for Ecology

( Advanced Course Control ”ACE”( Auto Pilot ))

ACE( Advanced Control for Ecology ), a new Course Control function that automatically creates a route on the heading between the ship’s current position and destination.


The Hanshin Diesel Works, Ltd.,

HANSHIN “Main Engines”

( HANSHIN “Main Engines” )

We HANSHIN are a comprehensive manufacturer of main engines and propulsion systems for ships. We have been developing a variety of products by our unique technology since 1918. We would like to introduce our main product “Low speed 4 stroke diesel engines”. You may already have used HANSHIN engine, but technology has been improved day by day. At this seminar, we would like to explain about the feature of HANSHIN engine and our new products which will be a strong contribution for you and your vessels.


Yanmar Co., Ltd.

About Yanmar

( Propulsion Engine )

Yanmar Co., Ltd. specialized in the mass production of low-medium and high-speed diesel engines in the 2 to 4,800kW range. With the brand statement “A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE”, YANMAR is pursuing the effective utilization of energy resources on land, at sea, and in our cities Harnessing innovative technical ability cultivated over our long history and years of experience, YANMAR marine engines deliver long-term reliability and durability to maximize the life-span of vessels. In this pursuit of improved “Life Cycle Value”, our sales, development, and production divisions work in unison, allowing us to realize low operating costs for our customers.
By striving to develop more sophisticated environmentally conscious technology, as well as reducing emissions of air pollutants and the use of environmentally hazardous substances, our ultimate goal is to deliver technology that secures clean air and seas for future generations, and which contributes towards harmonious coexistence between a prosperous humankind and the Earth’s environment.


Nakashima Propeller Co., Ltd.

Nakashima Propeller Latest Technology

( Propeller, Energy Saving Devices )

Nakashima Propeller was established in 1926 in Japan, and so far we have developed the latest technologies of propulsion systems. As the result, currently we have 90% share in Japan and 30% share all over the world. According to the increasing demand of reducing fuel consumption, recently we have developed new energy saving devices.
As a leading propulsion supplier, we would like to introduce the latest propulsion system and solution that must make you interested and your business better than today.

15:25Keynote Speech

“Present Market and Future Prospects of Malaysian OSV Industry”

Capt. Abdul Rahim Othman

Secretary General

Malaysia OSV Owners’ Association( MOSVA )

15:45-18:052nd Session( For Merchant Vessel and Offshore Vessel )


Taiko Kikai Industries Co., Ltd.

One Stop Service

( Marine Pump etc )

TAIKO is one of Japanese leading pump manufacturers established in 1956.
Last year TAIKO celebrated its 60th anniversary. With compact, efficient, robust, and competitive products, they always have been a market leader in new shipbuilding marine market. With TAIKO’s unique “one stop service”, Customers can procure any kind of marine pump and its related products as a package from TAIKO.
( Centrifugal pumps, gear-screw pumps, Mono pumps, bilge separators, sewage treatment plants )
Among TAIKO products, they will proudly introduce pumps for marine and offshore application in the seminar.


Volcano Co., Ltd.

LNG Fuel Utilization records for 37 years

( Gas Combustion Unit “MECS-GCU, DF Boiler Burner “SFFGII, Vignis, Vignis-mini” )

Especially in the fields of Marine Equipment and Shipping, which are becoming more important on Economic growth in Asia including Malaysia, it is regarded as essential to reduce the load on Environment.
VOLCANO proposes its "Environmental load reduction technology" in order to "Keep Sky Blue" and "Keep Sea Clean".
As fruits of VOLCANO's "Environmental load reduction technology", which is based on over 37 years’ experiences for marine use dual fuel( LNG/Oil )burners, the products for LNG fueled vessels and "Boil Off Gas Combustion Units called "MECS-GCU" are already supplied by VOLCANO.
VOLCANO welcomes the respective visitors at this forum.


Ibuki Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Sound & Lighting Innovation

( LED Navigation Light )

From 1922 until today,we are proud of our contribution on maritime safety by audible and visual means.”IBUKI” is recognized as the leading brand of ship’s horn over the past few decades.Nowadays IBUKI sound and lighting system are installed all kinds of ship in every single space of weather deck,machinery space and inboard surroundings.
At this forum,we are delight to share the information with you about the below 5 major benefits on our state-of-the-art LED navigation light NLL series which is already acclaimed the next standard of navigation light.
*Same body size( 233×242×271mm )on single/duplicate model
*Clear-cut light angle by built-in screen which will remove the inboard screens
  related to Corelg,1972, Annex I 5.Screens for side lights.
*Multi voltage( AC100-230V,DC24V )
*Built-in failure detection
*Wheelmark approved
Demo unit will be displayed on our boose at seminar hall.
Any further queries,please feel free to contact us in advance and on the day.


Manabe Zoki Co., Ltd.

MANABE Winch Solution

( Winch, Deck crane )

We are integrated manufacturer which fabricate Deck machinery and Deck crane for marine use. Since established in 1955 as casting company, we have been producing, by our own technology, Windlass, Mooring winch, and Ramp winch driven by any kinds of diesel, electric, and hydraulic type. Based on these technologies and experiences, we had developed Deck crane in 1982, Bucket crane in 1987, and Electric driven deck machinery by frequency converter in 2001. We also fabricate specialized big size winch for offshore vessels and working boats, and towing winch for tug boats. Now, we are developing Heavy lift crane for Heavy lift vessels and Remote maintenance system by applying the technology of IoT( Internet Of Things )and AI( Artificial Intelligence ).
While manufacturing in Japan is about to undergo a major change period, we will continue challenging even more by inheriting and aiming to develop Japan’s manufacturing.

16:45Keynote Speech

“Present Market and Future Prospect of Malaysia Shipbuilding industries.”

Mr. Nazery Khalid

Head, Group Corporate Communications Boustead Heavy Industries Corporation

Past Honorary Secretary
Association of Marine Industries of Malaysia( AMIM )


Daihatsu Diesel Mfg. Co., Ltd.



Daihatsu Diesel clean and powerful “e-Diesel” is packed with top-level quality and technologies that we accumulated and refined over many years since the foundation of the company in 1907.
We have built Third new factory in Himeji , Japan and had opening ceremony in Nov.15, 2018 where a new page in the history of Daihatsu diesel will begin.
You will be interested in the latest facility with high efficiency production in our new factory.
We expected higher engine output with reliable engine will be suitable for offshore vessel in Malaysia Market.
We will give presentation which is related with offshore vessel engines with environmental sources in this seminar.


Chugoku Marine Paints, Ltd.

Meeting the static challenge


Currently, the sea environment is getting more severe due to increase of seawater temperature. In addition, requirements for antifouling performance and environmental protection are also becoming high level. In order to cope with these requirements, we( CMP )have successfully launched high performance and low friction antifouling paint products with a unique biocide technology. They deliver stable and excellent antifouling performance not only during normal ship operation but also in case of slow steaming or long static condition. We would like to introduce our latest and spectacular performance products in this seminar.


Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.

FURUNO now in Malaysia

( FAR-22x8 / FAR-23x8 )

Technology advancement is the key fundamental for shipping and fishery efficiency hence we, Furuno Malaysia, subsidiary company of Furuno Singapore Pte. Ltd and Furuno Electric Co., Ltd aim to provide excellent Furuno products, service and support to local requirements.
Furuno new radar, FAR-22x8/23x8, is one of the newly launch brand new radar series characterized by its state-of-art antenna design and innovative signal processing techniques. Latest radar technology will increase situation awareness and enable safer navigation. Making full use of Furuno core technology expertise, Furuno strive to bring better safety and efficient vessel operation, sustainable fishery activities and peace of mind. We hope to introduce Furuno marine equipment technology in this seminar.


Niigata Power Systems Co., Ltd.

Niigata Dual Fuel Engine

( Niigata 28AHX-DF )

Niigata Power Systems Co., Ltd. has developed the latest marine dual fuel engine, 28AHX-DF featuring revolutionary characteristics so as to meet emission regulations for marine engines which become more restrictive year by year due to increasing global environmental problems and the demand of LNG as a fuel for ship accelerating worldwide. The first marine dual fuel engines, 6L28AHX-DF, directly coupling with fixed pitch propeller delivered to the first LNG fueled tug in Japan have been in commercial services since 2015 and the first two LNG fueled tugs in Singapore have been in commercial service since June and August in 2018. Since the engine can tolerate the rapid load change operation by leveraging advanced combustion technology and air-fuel ratio control technology, it is possible to use this engine not only as a main engine for tugboats but also for offshore support vessels, cargo carriers and ferries, as well as auxiliary engines for large container vessels. This paper describes the performance and technology of the 28AHX-DF engine.

18:05Closing Speech

Mr. Katsuhiko Fujiwara

Vice Chairman

Japan Ship Machinery and Equipment Association( JSMEA )

18:30Memorandum of Understanding( MoU )Ceremony

Co-Operation Agreement
Between Malaysia Shipowners' Association
and Japan Ship Machinery and Equipment Association

18:45-20:30Network Reception


Welcome Speech

Mr. Shinzo Yamada


Japan Ship Machinery and Equipment Association( JSMEA )

Welcome Toast

Dato' Ir. Abdul Hak Md Amin


Malaysia Shipowners’ Association( MASA )


Closing remarks

Mr. Masaharu Ono

Vice Chairman

Japan Ship Machinery and Equipment Association( JSMEA )

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