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HPU filter and ULSFO filter

HPU filter used in ME engine is very important to protect hydraulic control components.
Our HPU filter can improve the LO cleanliness reduces the risk of damage to the FIVA and HPS control valves.

The advantage of our HPU filter is as follow;
1. Improve the whole LO cleanliness.
2. During top-up of Tank, keep high level oil cleanliness to protect FIVA
3. Low running cost because of that our original product of Notch wire element is semi-permanent lifetime.

Regarding ULSFO filter, we recommend new filtering FO system to meet SOx emission regulation from 2020 and our solution can reduce cat-fine problem occurring frequently in these years

Company introduction

Kanagawa Kiki Kogyo, which is headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, was founded in 1951.
We specialize in oil filtering technology and have 69 years of experiences in marine industry.
Kanagawa M/E L.O & F.O auto backwashing filter achieve NO.1 market share in Japan.
Our original product of Notch wire element is very robust and semi-permanent lifetime because of a single layer structure which is easy to clean and maintenance.
Over the years, we have gained the trust of shipping and shipbuilding industries as well as petrochemical, steel, electric power, food and other industries in Japan and overseas.



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  • +81-45-753-3800