HONG KONG Ship Machinery & Equipment Seminar



A New Era of High Performance & Fuel Efficient Antifoulings

Currently, the sea environment is getting more severe due to increase of seawater temperature.
In addition, requirements for antifouling performance and environmental protection are also becoming high level.
In order to cope with these requirements, we, CMP have successfully launched high performance and low friction antifouling paint products with a unique bio-repellent technology.
They deliver stable and excellent antifouling performance not only during normal ship operation but also in case of slow steaming or long static condition.
We would like to introduce our latest and spectacular performance products in this seminar.

Company introduction

Chugoku Marine Paints( CMP )is founded in Hiroshima, Japan in May 1917 and has now served the Marine Industry for over a century, providing superior quality paints for all types of vessel, whether for new buildings or maintenance and repair on a worldwide basis.
CMP( HK )was established in 1973 as an important foreign base of our group and will celebrate its 46th anniversary in October thanks to all customers.
CMP group has been approaching environmental issues from various perspectives: Reduction of VOC emissions, Elimination of toxic substance from our products, and Development of fuel saving marine paints.
We continue to focus on its environment-friendly product development and corporate activities with the theme, "Harmonization with human and nature".


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