13:00Opening Remarks

Japan Ship Machinery & Equipment Association( JSMEA )


Mr. Katsuhiko Fujiwara

Filipino Shipowners Association( FSA )


Mr. Dario R. Alampay, Jr.

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13:15-14:301st Session 「 Focus on Energy Saving 」


Taiyo Electric Co., Ltd.

The feature of Taiyo's product

Since our establishment as a manufacturer of electric equipment and machinery for marine use in 1917, we have built up a wealth of experience 100 years. As a leading manufacturer of electric equipment and machinery for marine use, we manufacture electric equipment and machinery, including generators, various electric motors, ventilation fans, switchboards, starters and engine control consoles as well as system products such as shaft generating systems and inverter control systems. We are the only company in Japan that can deliver a complete range of important electric equipment and machinery for marine use.



Japanese top technology & quality from Nakashima Philippines.

Nakashima propeller is located in Okayama, Japan with 92 years history as a leading marine propulsion company in globe. Nakashima offers various types of propulsion systems, including fixed pitch propellers, CP propellers, side thrusters, and shafting arrangements for all kinds of vessels. And Nakashima have four factories in Japan and overseas, and one of them is located at Cavite Economic Zone in Philippines which is manufacturing more than 13,000 propellers per year with Japanese design and quality. We would like to introduce Nakashima high efficiency propeller and latest technology which can contribute to ship owners to get low fuel consumption and save running cost.


Kanagawa Kiki Kogyo Co., Ltd.


Ship’s operation is now required many conditions such low Fuel consumption, low emission, on time schedule and no breakdown equipment. Especially, main and aux diesel engines are tougher for operation. So cleanliness is getting more important for lubrication and hydraulic systems. Kanagawa filters are most reliable, and low cost operating cost compare with others. From current situation, we propose following applications: FO filter : Install 3rd filter with Nominal 10 micron ( MDT issued service letter in 2017. )LO filter: Install Nominal 20 micron for ME type engine. Install Nominal 30 micron for all other engines. By using Kanagawa filter systems, you can enjoy reliable and low cost operation.


Yanmar Co., Ltd.

about Yanmar

Yanmar Co., Ltd. Specializes in the mass production of low-medium and high-speed diesel engines in the 2 to 4,800kW range. The Amagasaki Plant is a state-of-the-art facility that uses FMS(flexible manufacturing systems) to guarantee optimal production efficiency, and superior quality control. The medium-speed engines produced at this plant are widely used as marine propulsion and auxiliary engines for fishing and cargo vessel, and industrial motive power. Yanmar celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2012, ready to step up to the next level on the world stage. Driving for “Raising Life Cycle Value” and “Harmony with the Environment”, we wrestle with technical innovation and new product development and contribute to safety and environmental preservation.


Special Speech

Philippine Interisland Shipping Association( PISA )


Mr. Christophen S. Pastrana

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14:35-15:352nd Session 「 Focus on After service 」



KEMEL Stern Tube Seal

KEMEL manufactures stern tube seals, stern tube bearings, intermediate shaft bearings as well as providing after sales service. We have environmentally friendly sealing system, which is the Air seal and water lubricant seal. We are the leading seal maker in the market. In this seminar, we plan to present a new product – the tandem type seawater lubricating sealing system.


Nabtesco Marine Service Singapore Pte Ltd.


Over the years, Nabtesco Marine Control Systems have been providing for the needs of sailing vessels all over the world through focus on vessel safety and innovation. In this presentation, we will elaborate on the importance of routine maintenance of our systems onboard your vessels as well as inspections by our dedicated team of engineers - we believe that proper maintenance ensures safe voyage for all. We will also be presenting recent innovations in our systems to further improve our products and services. With focus on proper system operations, we would like to introduce our new facility here in Manila which is dedicated for ship crew training on Nabtesco Systems.


Uzushio Electric Co., Ltd.

Solution for Marine Electric Planning, Equipments & Servicing Marine General Manufacturing Company – BEMAC

BEMAC’s 71 years in Electrical field has supported clients by designing/ manufacturing Electrical products, Automation and AMS system to meet requirements. All the products are supported by BEMAC’s After Service Global Network. BEMAC has established presence in Asia New Shipbuilding Market from Main share in Japan followed by all Asia shipyards. Made in Japan quality equipments promise to withstand ship’s harsh environment for long life. Reliable, high quality products and services are BEMAC’s offered products. BEMAC supporting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to be your best partner in the sea for your solution.


Special Speech



Mr. Jesse Ho Maxwell

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15:40-16:403rd Session 「 Focus on Environment & Eco friendly 」


The Hanshin Diesel Works, Ltd.,

HANSHIN “Low Speed 4 Stroke Main Engine”

We HANSHIN are a comprehensive manufacturer of main engines and propulsion systems for ships. We have been developing a variety of products by our unique technology since 1918. We would like to introduce our main product “Low speed 4 stroke diesel engines”. You may already have used HANSHIN engine, but technology has been improved day by day. At this seminar, we would like to explain about the feature of HANSHIN engine and our new products which will be a strong contribution for you and your vessels.


Volcano Co., Ltd.

Utilizing LNG as Fuel, by VOLCANO’s Technology

VOLCANO was established as "Osaka Heavy Oil Furnace Manufacturing Company" on 1928 and will celebrate 90th anniversary on 2018. We contribute for keeping "Blue Sky" and "Clean Sea". Taking this opportunity, we introduce our LNG-fueled-products for en vironmental preservation.
1. BOG combustion unit "MECS-GCU"
2. Gas/Oil combination burner "Vignis", "Vignis-Mini" and "SFFGII"
3. Waste oil/Bilge concentrator "BILCON-X"


Taiko Kikai Industries Co., Ltd.

Taiko cargo pump & Marine equipment

TAIKO celebrated its 60th anniversary last year as it was established in 1956. Our marine pumps boast superiority the competition at the new shipbuilding. Customers can select from a wide variety of products that can be packaged in one stop. Among of our products, we will introduce our main products Cargo pump.


Daihatsu Diesel Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Introduction of Daihatsu Diesel

Daihatsu Diesel offers reliable power to people all over the world through its diesel engines and peripheral products, with technologies developed for over 100 years. As a total energy solution partner, Daihatsu can provide the most appropriate engine system for each customer using technology based on extensive experience. Daihatsu puts advanced technology to work to achieve efficiency, reliability, and minimal pollution, responding to each customer’s unique demands by creative and flexible thinking to design eco-friendly systems. Daihatsu’s global support network ensures precise and speedy maintenance and after service, ensuring rapid support for any problems our customer may encounter.

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16:45Closing Remarks

Japan Ship Machinery & Equipment Association( JSMEA )

Leader of Overseas Market Development WG

Mr. Reijiro Urabe

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17:00Japan day Reception( Organized by ClassNK × JSMEA )Venue: 27F Floor

Opening Remarks



Mr. Koichi Fujiwara

Maritime Industry Authority( MARINA )

Director Ⅱ, Domestic Shipping Service

Ms. Sonia B. Malaluan

Welcome Toast

Filipino Shipowners Association( FSA )


Mr. Dario R. Alampay, Jr.

Closing Remarks

Japan Ship Machinery & Equipment Association( JSMEA )


Mr. Katsuhiko Fujiwara

Filipino Shipowners Association( FSA )


Mr. Dario R. Alampay, Jr.

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