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JSMEA joins Sea Asia 2017

Japan Ship Machiner y and Equipment
Association (JSMEA) marked its first step at Sea
Asia. With financial support from The Nippon
Foundation, it participated in Sea Asia 2017, which
was held on April 25-27 at Marine Bay Sands
in Singapore. JSMEA took 16 members to the
exhibition, where it ran a Japan pavilion together
with The Cooperative Association of Japan
Shipbuilders (CAJS).
Sea Asia 2017 was convened as part of the
Singapore Maritime Week (SMW) 2017, a major
maritime event promoted by the government of the
Southeast Asian nation. At the time of writing this
article, the organizers had not yet released official
figures. Before the event was kicked off, however,
they had expected that over 420 domestic and
overseas enterprises would exhibit, 10 countries
would open national pavilions and that it would
welcome more than 16,000 visitors.
On April 24, a day before Sea Asia 2017 got
started, a JSMEA delegation exchanged views with
Mr. Esben Poulsson, president of the Singapore
Shipping Association (SSA). Mr. Poulsson said that
he eagerly welcomed Japan’s first appearance at
Sea Asia, partly because several Japanese major
shipping companies are affiliated with his shipping

association. At a time when ship machinery and
equipment keeping up with enhancements in
international regulations are becoming more
and more important, he said that he had high
expectations for Japan-made products, and hoped
for Japan to continue to maintain good relations
with Singapore.
On Day 1 of Sea Asia 2017, an opening
ceremony was held at the Japan pavilion by Mr.
Shinzo Yamada, vice-chairman of JSMEA; Mr.
Toru Higashi, president of The CAJS and Mr. Kenji
Shinoda, Japanese ambassador to Singapore. And
while unscheduled, they were joined by Mr. Khaw
Boon Wan, minister for transport of the city-state,
who was going the rounds of the exhibitions. The
four heavyweights, then, together cut the ribbon to
commemorate the opening of the Japan pavilion.
Mr. Shinoda inspected the pavilion after the ribboncutting,
earnestly listening to briefings on products
and other features given by JSMEA members.
On Day 2, JSMEA and The CASJ held a joint
seminar at the convention venue, the Sands Expo
and Convention Centre, which is located in Marina
Bay Sands. Fifteen JSMEA members and six
Japanese shipbuilders, all of which are affiliated
with The CASJ, respectively unveiled their latest products and technologies that meet the demand
for energy savings and safety enhancements. The
seminar, which was also financially assisted by
The Nippon Foundation, was attended by many
local ship owners and other parties, including those



from other Southeast Asian nations. Following the
seminar, JSMEA organized a networking reception.
The seminar and reception welcomed a total of
some 21 visitors, which included representatives
from the attending JSMEA members and parties
from Southeast Asian countries engaged in
maritime affairs. They passionately exchanged
opinions and interchanged discussions.
At Sea Asia 2017, the Japan pavilion was visited
by more people than any of the others from
beginning to end. Furthermore, the exhibitors’
polite interaction with the visitors attracted
attention from all around the cozy venue space.
Consequently, Japan was awarded the Best
Country Pavilion Award from the organizers. In
advance to travelling to Singapore, JSMEA had
updated the booklet of energy-saving and ecofriendly
products manufactured by its member
companies. The latest edition was distributed at the
venue of Sea Asia 2017 and the abovementioned
seminar to extensively promote the ship machinery
and equipment made by JSMEA-affi l i a ted
Many of the JSMEA members that attended Sea
Asia 2017 felt that it was a successful event, at
which they met with the visitors that they came to

Outline of Sea Asia 2017
1) Dates: April 25-27, 2017
2) Venue: Sands Expo and Convention Centre

Outline of JSMEA delegation and exhibitions
1) Total area of exhibitions: 168 square meters
(booth Nos.: B2-S01 and B2-T01)
2) Number of delegation members: 16
3) Members (in alphabetical order)—those
having exhibitions: Daihatsu Diesel Mfg.
Co., Ltd.; MOL Techno-Trade, Ltd.; Nakashima
Propeller Co., Ltd.; Naniwa Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd.;
Shinko Ind. Ltd. and Yanmar Co., Ltd.; those
displaying panels: Akasaka Diesels Ltd.; Manabe
Zoki Co., Ltd.; Sunflame Co., Ltd. and Taiko Kikai
Industries Co., Ltd.; and those distributing
catalogs: Hanshin Diesel Works, Ltd.; Kamome
Propeller Co., Ltd.; Niigata Power Systems Co.,
Ltd; Taiyo Electric Co., Ltd.; Teikoku Machinery
Works, Ltd. and Volcano Co., Ltd.

Outline of JSMEA and CASJ seminar
1) Time and date: 13:15-19:00 on April 26
2) Venue: 3rd floor, Sands Expo and Convention
3) Presenters—15 from JSMEA: Akasaka Diesels,
Daihatsu Diesel Mfg., Hanshin Diesel Works,
Kamome Propeller, Manabe Zoki, MOL Techno-
Trade, Nakashima Propeller, Naniwa Pump Mfg.,
Shinko Ind., Sunflame, Taiko Kikai Industries, Taiyo
Electric, Teikoku Machinery Works, Volcano and
Yanmar and six from The CASJ

Opening ceremony for Japan Pavilion


Japan Pavilion(1)


Japan Pavilion(2)


Seminar,reception held during Sea Asia 2017(1)


Seminar,reception held during Sea Asia 2017(2)