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JSMEA participates in Marintec China 2015

Japan pavilion to be organized at MTC 2015

Japan Ship Machinery and Equipment
Association (JSMEA) participated in Marintec
China 2015 as a project supported by The Nippon
Foundation. Together with 27 member companies
and Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK), it set up a
Japan pavilion at the event, which was held at the
Shanghai New International Expo Centre on Dec.
1-4, 2015.

Marintec China, one of the greatest maritime
trade fairs in Asia, was held last year for the 18th
time. Approximately 2,000 enterprises from 34
countries and regions attended the international
exhibition, which welcomed some 60,000 visitors,
according to the organizers.

On Nov. 30, a day before the start of Marintec
China 2015, JSMEA executives paid a courtesy
visit to Mr. Kazuyuki Katayama, Japanese consul
general in Shanghai. Members of the JSMEA
mission outlined the trade fair and briefed Mr.
Katayama on the Japanese ship machinery and equipment industry, and exchanged views with him
on recent situations in China.

On Dec. 1, the first day of the event, a ceremony
was held to commemorate the opening of the
Japan pavilion. Mr. Motoyoshi Nakashima,
chairman of JSMEA, joined Consul General
Katayama and Mr. Noboru Ueda, chairman,
president and representative director of ClassNK, in
cutting the ribbon. At the presentation booth in the
Japan pavilion, six Japanese ship machinery and
equipment manufacturers introduced themselves
and their respective products. Many visitors stopped
by the booth to listen to their presentations, then
asked about Japanese products and requested
more information about them, which went to show
that the booth was successful in drawing in visitors
and providing them with information.

Later that afternoon, the JSMEA chairman and
vice-chairmen met with the president and other
executives of the China Association of the National
Shipbuilding Industry (CANSI). The delegations
exchanged opinions on a variety of subjects,
including the development of human resources and
international regulations.



After the meeting, JSMEA and ClassNK jointly
held a reception at the Oriental Riverside Hotel
Shanghai to promote interchanges between
the Japanese shipbuilding and ship machinery
and equipment industries and their Chinese
counterparts. Inviting Mr. Katayama, parties from
China concerned with maritime affairs and other
guests, the Japan Pavilion Reception Marintec
China 2015 encouraged around 250 attendees
from Japan and China to deepen their friendships.
During the reception, the two Tokyo-based
organizations hosted prize drawings to help create
a friendly atmosphere.

On Dec. 2, 20 people from JSMEA-affiliated ship
machinery and equipment makers wanting to meet
shipbuilders in Nantong visited the city to build
business relationships. The 20 members introduced
their respective companies and gave presentations
on their respective products to six local shipbuilding
companies. After the presentations, in return, the
six Nantong shipyards explained ongoing market
developments. The meeting provided both sides with an opportunity to exchange information.

Outline of Marintec China 2015
Details of the Japan pavilion
(1) Number of companies in the JSMEA mission:
27 (25 ran booths, while the other two displayed
(2) Members of the JSMEA mission

(the 25 companies that ran booth): Daihatsu
Diesel Mfg. Co., Ltd.; Daikin MR Engineering Co,
Ltd.; Fuji Trading Co., Ltd.; HSN-Kikai Kogyo Co., Ltd.; Ibuki Kogyo Co, Ltd.; Kamome Propeller Co., Ltd.; Kanagawa Kiki Kogyo Co., Ltd.; Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.; Manabe Zoki Co., Ltd.; Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery and Engineering Co., Ltd.; Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha, Ltd.; Musasino Co., Ltd.; Nakashima Propeller Co., Ltd.; Naniwa Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd.; Niigata Power Systems Co., Ltd.; Sasakura Engineering Co., Ltd.; Shinko Ind. Ltd.; Taiyo Electric Co., Ltd.; Tanabe Pneumatic Machinery Co., Ltd.; Ushio Reinetsu Co., Ltd.; Uzushio Electric Co., Ltd.; Yanmar Co., Ltd. and Yokogawa Denshikiki Co., Ltd. And (the two companies that displayed panels): Kuraray Co., Ltd. and Riken Corporation