4INQUIRIES Mr. Noriaki Hirata General ManagerInternational Sales Dept., Industrial Products Div.MIKASA CORPORATION1, Kuchi, Asa-cho, Asakita-ku, Hiroshima, 731-3362, JapanTel : +81-82-810-3930 Fax : +81-82-837-3947E-mail:hirata@mikasasports.co.jpF.F. Bearing dramatically minimizes both shaft sleeve and bearing wear.This is the result of using PTFE of high self-lubricating as the slide member, distributing rubber to the back as the cushion to obtain the self-alignmentability, and decreasing the load by the deected contact.It is available water lubricating system as an alternative system of oil lubricating system.By changing into F.F. Bearing were resulting in:・Reduced Fuel Consumption・Lower Vibration・Lower Noise Levels・Less Maintenance Cost・No Possibility of Sea ContaminationBearingsEnergy Saving, Environment Friendly, Water Lubricated Bearinghttp://www.mikasasports.co.jp/e/MIKASA CORPORATIONhttp://www.bemac-uzushio.com/en/ BatteriesEnergy SavingINQUIRIES Head Ofce / MIRAI Factory105 Noma, Imabari-city, Ehime Pref., 794-8582, JapanTel : +81-898-25-8282 Fax : +81-898-25-3777sales@bemac-uzushio.comBEMAC has been introducing application of Lithium-ion batteries on ship’s electrical system for electrical power efcient usage. Ship’s electrical energy volumes are consumed according to running mode which also the usages of Lithium-ion batteries’ applications depends on (Fig.1). For example, its application to bow thruster during entering / existing the port may be used, and during the voyage, it may be applicable for charging the batteries by surplus electric power. Depending on its running mode, system will control charging and discharging of the Lithium-ion batteries by time shifting the ship’s electrical power consumption; thus, to cut down the cost of generators’ fuel. BEMAC could supply Lithium-ion Battery Charging and Discharging equipments, Monitoring system and all necessary equipments (Fig.2).BEMAC UZUSHIO ELECTRIC CO., LTD.Optimizing Electric Power System by Applying Lithium-ion BatteriesWater Lubricated BearingF.F.Bearing (Friction-Free-Bearing)As a result of pursuing superior low friction property and heavy duty property, we developed combined bearings made of P.T.F.E. and synthetic rubber and metal shell for Water-lubricated Bearing.


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