3INQUIRIES Marine Equipment Business DivisionMinami Shinjuku Hoshino Bldg,5-23-13, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0051, JapanTel : +81-3-3225-5383 Fax : +81-3-3225-5316E-mail : navigation_info@ydk.yokogawa.co.jphttp://www.yokogawa.com/ydkPT900 is the next generation autopilot, modern controlled fuel saving function (BNAAC/E-COurse Pilot) is installed.By introducing 7 inches LCD, navigation information and autopilot parameters are conrmed and changed very easily.YOKOGAWA DENSHIKIKI CO., LTD.Fuel SavingAutopilotNext Generation Autopilot PT900MIURA CO., LTD.Miura has nearly fifty years’ experience in manufacturing ship machinery, and we have consistently aimed to create unique products that deliver the best functions, quality and service. We started sales of the Ballast Water Management System, which adopts Filter + UV method since Oct. 2014. Miura continues to devote the combined power of the Miura Group to being the best partner for energy, water and environment, by developing products and services required on ocean-going vessels. ProductsAuxiliary boiler, Ballast water management system, Thermal oil heater,Incinerator, Fresh water generator, Compounds for boiler treatment,Parts and Maintenance of products.INQUIRIES https://www.miuraz.co.jp/en7 Horie-cho, Matsuyama, Ehime, 799-2696, JapanTel : +81-89-979-7060 Fax : +81-89-979-7067E-mail : hakuyo_eka@miuraz.co.jpBallast Water Management SystemBallast Water Management System


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