2INQUIRIES Marine Systems Company2-16-46, Minami-Kamata, Ohta-ku, Tokyo, 144-8551, JapanTel : +81-3-3737-8611 Fax : +81-3-3737-8663Inquiry https://www.tokyo-keiki.co.jp/form/webform_marinee.htmlPR-9000The model PR-9000 is the latest autopilot system from TOKYO KEIKI. The PR-9000 is designed using the latest technology from a wealth of engineering and manufacturing experience of navigational instruments.Safety, accuracy, and reliability of information have been enhanced in our model lineup thereby signicantly improving situational awareness and navigational safety.An indispensable autopilot system providing effective and safe bridge resource management and energy efcient navigation.Repeater Unit with color LCD Color LCDs are incorporated into each system which enhances reliability of information and improves situational awareness. Maintaining Safe Navigation via Guidance ScreenSteering-related monitoring information can be displayed on the monitor screen.If a warning alert is generated, the navigator can simply view the proper guidance procedures on the screen in order to carry out evasive measures.Route Control function (ACE)Route Control is performed only with Autopilot Due to reduced route deviation / shorter sailing distance / reduction of wasted rudder,it ultimately contributes to safety and energy efcient navigation. TOKYO KEIKI INC.http://www.tokyo-keiki.co.jp/e/index.htmlAutopilotFuel Saving, Safety, Accuracy, Reliability of InformationINQUIRIES 5-3, Creative-Hills, Imabari, Ehime, 794-0069, JapanTel : +81-898-34-1203 Fax : +81-898-34-1204E-mail : ushio@ushioreinetsu.co.jphttp://www.ushioreinetsu.co.jp/english/Realize the reduction of CO2 emissions, will contribute greatly to the global environment.■Inverter control of FAN◦Can obtain a greater energy savings by setting the rotation speed of the wind amount corresponding to each operation mode “cooling”, “heating” and “blast”, and improves the comfort of the accommodation space.◦Compared with the damper controlled, there are about 57% reduction of the ratio in the energy equivalent. And there is a reduction of 53.1ton CO2 / year.■Inverter control of COMPRESSOR◦Control by an inverter the rotation speed of the COMPRESSOR.It is effective to keep the operation stable and to reduce power consumption by controlling the nely optimal cooling capacity.USHIO REINETSU CO., LTD.Energy Saving, CO2 Reduction,Power Reduction, Environmental Loading ReductionAir ConditionersInverter control of FAN and COMPRESSOR(Avoidance operating procedures Guidance Screen)(ACE Screen)


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