29INQUIRIES Sales & Marketing Department688-1, Joto-Kitagata, Higashi-Ku, Okayama, 709-0625, JapanTel : +81-86-279-5111 Fax : +81-86-279-3107E-mail : npcwebmaster@nakashima.co.jphttp://www.nakashima.co.jp/eng/index.html Propellers, xedNAKASHIMA PROPELLER CO., LTD.Energy Saving, EEDI, NHVINQUIRIES Business Development Division16-5, Konan 2-Chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0075, JapanTel : +81-3-6716-5330 Fax : +81-3-6716-5325E-mail : info_meet@mhi-mme.comPropellers, xedEnergy Saving, Less fuel Consumption, GHG (CO2) Reduction, Slow SteamingMAP (Mitsubishi Advanced Propeller) Mark-W Propeller(Features)•Economical - High propulsion efficiency•Highly reliable - Maintains excellent propeller strength•Excellent cavitation performance with streamlined tips and reduced blade area•Compact design - Lower propeller mass and inertia momentImprovement of the tip shape enhanced the efficiency of MAP Mark-W propellers while keeping cavitation performance levels virtually unaffected. These propellers can be tailored so suit slow-steaming needs and are also ideal for retrofitting existing propulsion systems. GPX PROPELLERGPX PROPELLER is the latest fixed pitch propeller which integrates several design technologies including Non-Hub Vortex, Small blade area, Coordination of Wake distribution and Tip rake. ◦Non-Hub Vortex technology can recover energy loss which is caused by hub vortex.◦Small blade area can reduce friction resistance and use CFD analysis.◦Though Wake distribution is different by each vessel, GPX propeller is coordinated based on each wake pattern.◦Tip rake is also developed throughout many model tests and calculations, and now Tip rake can stabilize cavitation and reduce Pressure amplitude.GPX propeller is optimized by considering balance of those technologies and can achieve higher efficiency. http://www.mhi-mme.com


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