26PaintsProtective coating, SI technology, PSPCINQUIRIES NIPPON PAINT MARINE COATINGS CO., LTD.Tel : +81-78-735-5301 Fax : +81-78-735-9694 E-mail : Makoto.Nakagawa@nippe-marine.co.jpNIPPON PAINT (EUROPE) LTD.Tel : +44-1793-833-500 Fax : +44-1793-833-504E-mail : Nikoyamanoue@nipponpaintmc.comhttp://www.nipponpaint-marine.comhttp://www.nipponpaint-marine.comNIPPON PAINT MARINE COATINGS CO., LTD.NIPPON PAINT MARINE COATINGS CO., LTD.PaintsFuel-saving, Reduction of GHG emission, Tuna, Low friction, Water trapping technologyA-LF-Sea – Ultra Low Friction Underwater Coating System -Advanced version of LF-Sea delivering further propulsion benefits. A biomimetic ultra-low-friction antifouling that works using a patented water trapping function to lower the hydrodynamic footprint of the hull. Stable and long term antifouling is guaranteed by the use of a self-smoothing copper-silyl-acrylate copolymer. It can be applied over existing antifouling. Used in conjunction with Nippon Paint Marine's 'Rheo' anticorrosive systems, fuel-savings can be further enhanced. It is confirmed the target of fuel-saving effect for A-LF-Sea is almost achieved. 10% fuel-saving effect in case of new building or full blasting at M&R and 7 ~ 8 % fuel-saving effect in case of spot blasting at M&R to be applied A-LF-Sea only without Rheological anti-corrosive coatings. As for paint application, no special application & apparatus is needed. A-LF-Sea can be applied at dry-dock with surface preparation, application methods same as those for SPC anti-fouling coatings. Over 1,700 ships have been already applied with A-LF-Sea & LF-Sea in the world as of Oct. 2015.NOA is Nippon’s unique technology providing users for the first time with the ability to judge the correct thickness of the paint. NOA’s unique patented technology reduces the need for complicated thickness checking by thickness gauge. NOA contributes to reduce coats of (1) coating inspection, (2) physical thickness measurement & marking and (3) post painting repair & touch-up jobs. Furthermore, NOA contributes to secure (a) uniform coating, (b) above specified thickness, (c) minimal excessive thickness and (d) corrosion protection for ship’s life. Especially for WBT, NOA60HS has been applied over 1,000 newbuildings since 1998. And then it provides excellent corrosion protection performance.SI paint NOA – Protective Coating System with SI (Self-Indication) technology -INQUIRIES NIPPON PAINT MARINE COATINGS CO., LTD.Tel : +81-78-735-5301 Fax : +81-78-735-9694 E-mail : Makoto.Nakagawa@nippe-marine.co.jpNIPPON PAINT (EUROPE) LTD.Tel : +44-1793-833-500 Fax : +44-1793-833-504E-mail : Nikoyamanoue@nipponpaintmc.com


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