24The ready ghting power of the ECOhttp://www.nipponsento.co.jp/INQUIRIES 555, Takahisa, Yoshikawa, Saitama, 342-0035, JapanTel : +81-48-981-2661 Fax : +81-48-981-2664E-mail : nissen@nipponsento.co.jp■Projection-free lamp windowsLamp windows need no projections, such as Fresnel lenses, owing to superior LED light distribution characteristics of LED light sources. These characteristics reduce possibility of ice coating and snow accretion and prevent adhesion of dust and stain.■Power saving and long lifeThe LED light source reduces power consumption down to 1/6 in comparison with the traditional incandescent lamps and allows remarkable power saving.The rated life of the LED light source is as long as 50000 hours.■Replaceable light source unitThe LED light source and power supply are unitized and can be replaced easily. Three types have common units, allowing immediate replacement and recovery from problems with the minimum stocks.■Highly reliable design of LED light sourcesConditions of the LED are always monitored. If a problem occurs in the LED, the inner circuit detects it, turns off the LED immediately, and sends an error signal to the control panel.Both the LED light source and frame are highly-reliable and made in Japan.■Vibration-proof characteristicsIncandescent lamps burn out when vibrations are applied to them. LED lamps will not burn out.Navigation LightsNIPPON SENTO CO., LTD.LED Navigation Lights Type NL WL seriesType Approval JG NL seriesType Approval MED WL series


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