21http://www.portenterprise.comReduces Fuel Consumption, Carbon Emissions, and Engine MaintenanceINQUIRIES No. 2-1-28, Chikko, Minato, Osaka, 552-0021, JapanTel : +81-6-6573-5391 FAX : +81-6-6575-3036E-mail: penterj@penterj.co.jpFENIC Alpha upgrades a variety of fuels by breaking chemical bonds of complex hydrocarbons through ionization using our own proprietary ceramic technology. It is well proven, completely safe, extremely easy to install, and requires absolutely no power source.FENIC Alpha Fuel ReformerPort Enterprise Co., Ltd.Fuel Reformer Gas Combustion UnitEnergy saving / Environmenthttp://www.volcano.co.jp/english/index.htmlVOLCANO CO., LTD.INQUIRIES Sales Department, Combustion Engineering Division1-3-38 Nonaka-kita, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, 532-0034, JapanTel : +81-6-6392-5541 Fax : +81-6-6396-7609 E-mail : info-m@volcano.co.jpThis system “MECS-GCU” can process Boil Off Gas(BOG) in the range from 250kW to 2400kW for LNG Fueled vessels which are expected to increase. This system safely incinerates and processes BOG or Gas vaporized when bunkering on LNG Fueled vessels. When docking a LNG Fueled vessel, combustible gas in the fuel tank should be incinerated and replaced to inert gas. This system can incinerate various BOG consisting of CH4 or inert gas.Gas Combustion Unit for LNG Fueled vessel “MECS-GCU”


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