20Fresh Water Generating PlantINQUIRIES 7-32, 4-chome, Takejima, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka, 555-0011, JapanTel : +81-6-6473-2134 E-mail : marine@skm.sasakura.co.jphttp://www.sasakura.co.jp/e/index.htmlSASAKURA ENGINEERING CO., LTD.Energy saving type distilling plantMulti-Effect Submerged Tube Type Fresh Water GeneratorThe Double-Effect plant is a compact, highly heat efficient seawater distilling plant with two chambers of 1st and 2nd effect in a single shell. The Triple-Effect plant contains three chambers of1st, 2nd and 3rd effect, and is an even more highly efficient plant. As a heat source, either the waste heat from a diesel engine jacket cooling water or steam can be used. 40~200 tons per day type of capacity can be provided.WATER EJECTOR BRINEBRINEEJECTOR PUMPCOOLING SEAWATER1ST HEATER1ST EVAPORATOR2ND EVAPORATOR2ND HEATERCONDENSERFEED WATEROVERBOARDVAPORHOT WATER INLETOPTIONHOT WATER OUTLETSTEAM INJECTORHEATING STEAMSTEAM DRAINSCALE INHIBITOR COOLING SEAWATERTO FRESH WATER TANKDISTILLATE PUMPPRODUCT WATERAIRHOT WATER / STEAM VAPOR COOLING SEAWATER BRINE PRODUCT WATER AIRFEED WATER PRE-HEATERV-DE(DOUBLE EFFECT)http://www.yasec.co.jp/en/index.htmlFuel Oil Change Over Device H.F.O⇔M.G.O.INQUIRIES 525, Higashizaka, Ritto-City, Shigah, 520-3031, JapanTel : +81-77-558-2311 FAX : +81-77-558-2319E-mail : info@yasec.co.jpSupply fuel oil is changed over, with simple switch operation, at a preset blend ratio, ranging from H.F.O. 100% to M.G.O. 100%, so as to heat or cool the main engine F.O. heater at a preset temperature gradient (2℃/min).Fuel PilotYAMASHINA SEIKI CO., LTD.Fuel Oil Viscosity Controllers


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