18Economizers, Steam Turbines, Auxiliary Boiler Heat Recovery SystemsEnergy Saving, Less Fuel Consumption, GHG (CO2) Reductionhttp://www.mhi-mme.comWHRS (Waste Heat Recovery System)WHRS is a marine waste heat recovery system that carries out highly efcient power generation onboard ships through effective utilization of energy harnessed from the marine engines’ exhaust gas. Exhaust gas energy is effectively recovered though the optimal control of the combination of exhaust gas and steam turbines lowering a ship’s fuel costs.ORC (Organic Ranking Cycle)Presently, engine cooling water below 100℃ was dumped into the ocean. ORC is compact power generation systems that enable electrical power recovery and power generation using a heat transfer medium with a boiling point lower than that of water, like those used in air conditioners.Selection chart of Waste heat Recovery(W.H.R.) SystemAvailable heat source100kW…Jacket cooling water with 85℃300kW…High energy source with Main Engine exhaust gas and or Air Cooler are also utilized to the ORC.WHRS (Waste Heat Recovery System)ORC (Organic Ranking Cycle)INQUIRIES Business Development DivisionTel : +81-3-6716-5330 E-mail : info_meet@mhi-mme.comINQUIRIES 1-5, 1-Chome, Ikunonishi, Ikuno-Ku, Osaka, 544-0024, JapanTel : +81-6-6712-1151 Fax : +81-6-6712-1311 E-mail : info3@kei-system.co.jphttp://www.kei-system.co.jp/indexe.htmlKEI SYSTEM CO., LTD.Engine Telegraphs & LoggersEnergy SavingFuel consumption meterOur data logger system is possible to display the following information by connecting with GPS by serial communication.Conrm the fuel cost in real time inboard.◦Fuel consumption rate per day. (Tonnage)◦Distance of cruise per a ton of fuel. (Mile)◦Fuel consumption rate per hour.◦Possible to display and to record the fuel consumption rate etc. per a navigation.


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