16INQUIRIES Overseas Business SectionTel : +81-3-3243-3263Email: overseas-section@hanshin-dw.co.jphttp://www.hanshin-dw.co.jp/english/product.htmlTHE HANSHIN DIESEL WORKS, LTD.Diesel Engines, PropulsionReduction of fuel oil consumptionElectronically controlled low speed four-stroke diesel enginesWe The HANSHIN DIESEL WORKS, LTD. are the general maker of main engines and propulsion systems for ships, and have produced products by our own technology since 1918.In order to meet the recent environmental requirements, the electronic management of engines is one of the most effective solutions. Electronically controlled two-stroke diesel engines have already been launched in the market. However such kind of Low-Speed four-stroke diesel engine has not been introduced yet.The HANSHIN DIESEL WORKS, LTD. has newly developed electronically controlled low speed four-stroke diesel engines. One of the most typical features of this type of engine is to save fuel oil consumption by controlling electronically the fuel injection pattern in partial load. This system reduces fuel oil consumption by 3 to 5% in comparison with the conventional mechanically controlled system.This new system is adopted in the engine series of LH46LE, LH41LE, and LA32E.◦The 28AHX-DF is an environmentally friendly engine, satisfying IMO Tier III NOx regulations. It uses clean gas combustion, making it possible to meet the new regulations without the need for an exhaust gas processing reactor.◦The 28AHX-DF offers both gas and diesel operation modes. It can be instantly switched at full load from gas to diesel operation, ensuring safe ship operation even in emergency situations.◦The 28AHX-DF is the world’s first FPP directly couplable gas engine. It offers high dynamic performance equivalent to that of a diesel engine even during gas operation, as well as load pickup times, from idling to rated output, which compare favorably with diesel gas engines.NIIGATA POWER SYSTEMS CO., LTD.Dual Fuel Engines, propulsionDual Fuel, Medium Speed, Diesel, Gas, Tier IIIINQUIRIES 14-5, Sotokanda 2-Chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021, JapanTel : +81-3-4366-1226 Fax : +81-3-4366-1310E-mail : info1_sales1@niigata-power.comhttp://www.niigata-power.com/english/index.html28AHX-DF


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