15SCR (Selective Catalytic Reeducation)SCR system enables denigration even of low-temperature exhaust gas of about 250℃. It can reduce the NOx in exhaust gas to meet the IMO TierⅢ regulation without taking away from the excellent fuel efciency.EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)Low pressure EGR system uses a high-performance scrubber to efficiently remove SOx and particulate matter. It is also an exhaust gas recirculation system that can meet the next IMO TierⅢ regulations.http://www.mhi-mme.comDiesel Engines, Exhaust Gas Treatment SystemEnergy Saving, Less fuel Consumption, GHG (CO2) Reduction, Slow Steaming NOx Reduction, SOx Reduction, ECAUEC Eco-EngineUEC Eco-Engines are Japan’s only diesel engines for large ships that are developed entirely in-house. These engines were developed in response to the global tightening of emissions controls. They achieve the world’s highest level of thermal efciency through the electronic control of fuel injection, exhaust valve action, and startup and cylinder lubrication. These engines are contributing to the reduction of NOx and CO2 emissions.INQUIRIES Business Development DivisionTel : +81-3-6716-5330 E-mail : info_meet@mhi-mme.comLow-speed Low-pressure Dual fuel engine “X-DF”◆X-DF applies the pre-mixed lean burn technology and can meet IMO TierⅢ requirement without the exhaust gas after-treatment.◆X-DF has advantages of lower Capex and Opex due to no requirement of a high pressure compressor.◆For safety concerns, X-DF uses low-pressure LNG. (<16bar)◆X-DF can switch from gas mode to diesel mode immediately.◆X-DF is based on the low-speed two-stroke engine which is much proven in marine use.DU-Wärtsilä X-DF engine is the best eco-friendly solution!Diesel engines, propulsion(up to 200rev/min under)INQUIRIES Prime Kanda Building, 2-8, Suda-cho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0041, JapanTel : +81-3-3257-8222 Fax : +81-3-3257-8220Email : info@du.ihi.co.jphttp://www.ihi.co.jp/du/english/home/home.htmlTierⅢ, NOx LNG Dual FuelDIESEL UNITED, LTD.W6X72DF


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