11The C.S.W. pump is operated at rated constant speed in existing way no concerning with secondary thermal load, so it consumes unnecessary electric power inboard and the C.F.W. line tends to overcool.Therefore we propose the optimum system which controls the rotational speed of C.S.W. pump by inverter and PLC, with sensing cooler outlet temperature of C.F.W. line.This system can be also applied to the existing ship. (retro-t)INQUIRIES http://www.nishishiba.co.jp/nsdk/index.htmNISHISHIBA ELECTRIC CO., LTD. Osaka Branch29th Fl., Umeda Sky Building West Tower, 1-30 Oyodonaka 1-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka, 531-6129, JapanTel : +81-6-4797-2451 Fax : +81-6-4797-2453NISHISHIBA ELECTRIC CO., LTD.Control Systems & EquipmentInverter Energy Saving Retro-t J-S/Eco applies a smart frequency drive system which controls the speed of the motor of the main cooling sea water pumps at the most efcient point. It enables to reduce the power consumed by the motors to the minimum level, resulting inreduction of the vessel’s fuel consumption. The equipment is specially designed for marine application for its harsh environment with long term guarantee by JRCS making sure that the ship owners recoup the initial investment back as fast as possible.http://www.jrcs.co.jp/index_e.htmlINQUIRIES JRCS MFG. CO., LTD Power System Technical Team Susumu Yoshida (Mr.)2155 Kawatana, Toyoura-cho, Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi, 759-6301, Japan.Tel : +81-83-775-2027 Fax : +81-83-775-2022E-mail : s.yoshida@jrcs.co.jpJRCS MFG CO., LTD.Computerized control systemsEnergy saving frequency drive control for cooling sea water pumpJ-S/Eco (JRCS Smart Eco system)C.S.W. Pump Motor Inverter Driven System


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