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JSMEA holds conference with Sasakawa fellows

Japan Ship Machinery and Equipment Association (JSMEA) held its first meeting with Sasakawa Fellows in Kobe on Friday, May 15, 2015, receiving support from The Sasakawa Peace Foundation and World Maritime University (WMU).

Sasakawa Fellows are those who graduated from WMU on scholarships from The Nippon Foundation. WMU has been actively providing education and conducting research extensively on the ocean for over 30 years since it was established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in 1983. 

Many WMU alumni and alumnae, who number more than 3,000 today, have assumed positions of great responsibility not only with ship owners, shipbuilding companies and other private enterprises, but also at governmental organizations in charge of maritime safety and other relevant affairs in many countries, including minister of transport, maritime affairs and communication of Turkey.

Sasakawa Fellows come to Japan every year to exchange views with The Nippon Foundation; have interchanges with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT); visit and inspect shipyards and ship machinery and equipment makers; and carry out many other activities.

Currently, JSMEA is making efforts to promote global development in partnership with its member companies. To this end, we attend exhibitions and hold seminars and receptions worldwide to market members and products of the Japanese ship machinery and equipment industry. Taking advantage of organizing seminars and receptions in other nations, we also call at and view local counterpart entities to develop and enhance relations with relevant parties.

In promoting global development, it is very important to build relations with ship owners and shipbuilders, as they are customers of ship machinery and equipment products. It is as important to meet with governmental parties in advancing and other economies where the maritime industry is projected to grow in the future.

When graduating from WMU, as described earlier, Sasakawa Fellows return to the governmental organizations, ship owners, shipyards and others where they previously worked and commence important roles in developing the maritime industries of their respective nations.

As such, JSMEA had decided to meet with Sasakawa Fellows as part of its initiatives to promote global development to forge long-standing relations between the Japanese ship machinery and equipment industry and the maritime industries of other economies in the world.



JSMEA held the May meeting in two sessions, organizing (1) a seminar to introduce member companies and their respective products and (2) a buffet reception. It was accompanied by 22 staff members from 11 affiliated manufacturers, with eight of whom gave presentations. Twenty-two Sasakawa Fellows were in attendance, while students from overseas studying at Kobe University participated unofficially in the meeting as well. Including members of JSMEA companies, some 80 people gathered at the event.

At the beginning of the seminar, Mr. Yukio Furuno, vice-chairman of JSMEA, gave the opening address and a briefing on the association. “I hope today’s meeting will offer an opportunity to exchange information so vigorously that both sides will be able to understand each other more deeply,” he said.

After Vice-Chairman Furuo’s address, Mr. Reijiro Urabe, leader of JSMEA’s Overseas Market Development Working Group, introduced the association’s business activities, taking as an example the seminars that it has held worldwide. He successfully left the attendees with an understanding of its hard work toward establishing relations with parties concerned with maritime affairs of other countries.

Following Mr. Urabe, the aforementioned eight JSMEA member companies gave presentations to provide up-to-date information on their respective products as well as maintenance and other after-sales services.

When the reception began after the seminar, Mr. Motoyoshi Nakashima, chairman of JSMEA, delivered the opening speech. “To further develop the global maritime industry, it is inevitable for those having to do with maritime affairs in Japan and other economies, like those of you and us, to unite as one and help each other,” he stressed.

During the reception, many JSMEA members and Sasakawa Fellows were seen to exchanging opinions actively on overseas development and other subjects. The conclusion was that the meeting was successful for the parties concerned with maritime affairs from Japan and other nations to become acquainted with one another.

The reception came to an end with Mr. Yoshitaka Teramoto, a member of JSMEA’s Overseas Market Development Review Committee, giving the closing speech.

JSMEA hopes its May meeting with Sasakawa Fellows will help its member companies expand their business operations abroad. The association is determined to maintain relations with Sasakawa Fellows in the future by, among other actions, inviting them to the global projects it will advance, and continue to promote the global development of the Japanese ship machinery and equipment industry.

Companies attending the meeting:
Daihatsu Diesel Mfg. Co., Ltd.; Fuji Trading Co., Ltd.; Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.; Hanshin Diesel Works, Ltd.; Hien Electric Industries, Ltd.; Japan Radio Co., Ltd.; Kanagawa Kiki Kogyo Co., Ltd.; Nakashima Propeller Co., Ltd.; Taiyo Electric Co., Ltd.; Teramoto Iron Works Co., Ltd. and Yanmar Co., Ltd.






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